How I solved the cube with just 4 algorithms

Rubiks cube

There are two approaches to solving rubiks cube you must choose from.

1. Find the solution yourself. Start with one side and solve layer by layer till your done. Find all the algorithms you need without help. This is the hardest way, but most rewarding.

2. Use an online guide to learn a method to solve the cube. This is the easy way, but once you go down this road you can never go back to the first option.

The best way to do option number two is to follow the beginners guide at SolveTheCube. You can also follow my method and read the rest of this post, but be warned it’s not really a guide. However my first method for solving the last layer is a bit different from the usual OLL/PLL methods, which other cube nerds might find interesting. Also I believe it’s the method with fewest algorithms to learn.

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Easy fix for frayed laces

The small plastic at the end of the shoelace is called an aglet When they break or fall off, there are several ways to repair them. You can use tape, but it wont last long. You can use shrink plastic sleeves, tie together with sewing thread or other imaginative methods, but how much time and effort do you really want to spend on a shoelace?

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DIY canned air

Simple and ingenious.

Warning: Compressed air is dangerous. You are responsible for your own safety. Fire extinguishers can cause massive damage if activated indoors. 

Canned air is nice for blowing clean PCs and other things for dust, but the cost of those disposable cans quickly add up. 

A fire extinguisher should be replaced or have an expensive service after 10 years. Service and refilling costs the same as a new one, so what to do with the old one? The short boring answer is to deliver it as special waste at the nearest depot, but are there better alternatives?

The tank of a standard fire extinguisher is usually rated at 15 bar. How about a handy compressed air tank for the small jobs where the compressor is cumbersome to carry around? Converting a fire extinguisher to a portable compressed air tank is easy and straightforward.

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How to make a perfect cup of instant coffee

Although it is better with freshly ground French pressed coffee, sometimes instant coffee is all you have. How do you make the best possible coffee from instant coffee? This little trick saves the day.

Pour powder and cold water into a cup. Stir and heat for about one minute in a microwave oven. Do not let it boil. This process brings out the most of the flavors in the instant coffee, and you can enjoy a perfect cup of instant coffee.

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Bilingual blog!

It might be nice to write in English, so that the whole world can benefit from what I write, but it can also be nice to write in my native langauge – Norwegian. To write in both languages ​​may be messy, but luckily there’s a plugin called “Polylang” which I’am now trying out. It seems like it does the job. Now it’s easy to seperate languages, and it is easy for me to translate. Espeacially with a little neat plugin-plugin-helper called “Polyland Auto Translate”

Will this make me update the blog more often….who knows….

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Samsung S3 mini battery X-rays

My original Samsung battery for my S3 mini died after just one year. I’ve had good experience with cheap batteries from eBay before, but the replacement I bought this time made my phone behave rather unstable. That’s why I thought I’d take an X-ray of them to see how different they where.

Samsung i8190 original battery.

Samsung i8190 original battery.

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ASUS TF300T X-ray


ASUS tf300t

In my series x-ra of stuff. This is a X-ray of my Asus TF300t and the keyboard dock.

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Replacing TF300T digitizer

Broken TF300T

My 2-year old recently broke the glass on my TF300T. The tablet is a couple of years old, so it’s a little bit on the expensive side to have it repaired by ASUS, so I decided to have a go at fixing it myself. After googeling a bit I decided to replace my 5158N digitizer with the  G01. This will require rooting the tablet and updating the digitizer firmware. If you don’t want to go through that trouble, find and order the exact same model digitizer you have in your tablet. Here is how I did it, and what I’ve learned.

DISCLAIMER: This is a difficult repair. Don’t blame me if you try this yourself and mess up your tablet even more!

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Simple homemade bread without kneading!


Nothing is as good as homemade bread. It does not get easier than this recipe. Takes only 5 minutes to make the dough. Perfect results every time.
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Runtastic disapointment

Edit: As of version 4.1.1 support for regular bluetooth HR sensors is back and works again!

It’s usually a good thing when I pick up my phone and it has upgraded one of the apps to a new version. However yesterday I was in for a big disappointment when Runtastic had been upgraded to version 4.0.
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