I am a hobby photographer, nerd and father that works as a medical radiographer. This is my blog where I post random stuff. Sometimes I also post short reviews of equipment I use.

What is “snart”?
“Snart” is norwegian and means “soon”. While youtube videoes are fine for many purposes, it’s often just a waste of time. It’s often imensly faster to read a text with illustrations than watching a video.

I only publish original content that I own the copyright for. If you would like to use pictures or material published here you need to write an e-mail to lars@snart.com and ask.

Sometimes I might publish pictures under Creative Commons license. Attribution should be given to Lars Chrisitian Nygård with a link back to https://snart.com

I’ve added Google Site Kit to this wordpress site. Several other third party plugins are also in use. If you have privacy concerns you should adjust your browser settings, and not put your trust in what random websites do with your data.

I’ve disabled hotlinking for photos on snart.com. If you for some reason need to hotlink, please write me an email and explain why.