This was the very first digital photo


This was the very first digital picture I took back in 2000. I had just gotten my brand new and way too expensive Olympus Camedia 2020Z. With an F2.0 and ISO 400 and a staggering resolution of 1600×1200 this was cutting edge. After unboxing the camera I went straight outside to take a test shot, in the dark…

Thanks to +Lars Clausen for his post ( which got me to dig through my files to find this.

Dolomedes fimbriatus

Myredderkopp / Raft spider (Dolomedes fimbriatus)Today I share a picture of Norways largest spider. Myredderkopp, or in English Raft spider (Dolomedes fimbriatus). It actually catches and eats small frogs. Body length can be up to 25mm. Yes, it is true. to photograph spiders in Norway you need a macro lens.


Color calibrating with Ubuntu 11.10

This post is a little lengthy. If you just want color calibration to work in Ubuntu 11.10 just scroll to the bottom of the full post for a quick version!

A color calibrated screen is essential if you want your screen to match your prints. It’s also makes sure your photos looks relatively good on other screens to. If your monitor is way to blue, then your pictures may look way to red on another badly calibrated screen. While you may find a color profile that nearly matches your monitor on TFT central, you need a colorimeter to get it correct.

I finally invested in a Huey Pro from Pantone. I was considering a Spyder 3, but a little goggling revealed that they no longer provided tech specs that allowed for development of linux drivers. Since I run Ubuntu on my workstation I went for the Huey.

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