Walking the Aloe trail

Just outside the city center of Windohoek there is a hiking area with a path called “The Aloe trail”. Me an Wulan went up there to for a walk on thursday. On the way up there we also passed and visited the botanical garden. The garden was very nice, but I would have liked to see more flowers there.

A little further up the hill we came to the Aloe trail. It’s a path around in the forest, and you get the feeling of going “out in the woods”.  We saw some large African birds. It’s quite hard to get close enough to get good pictures, but I managed to get a couple of snapshots.

One i think might be the redbilled hornbill.

Redbilled hornbilled

We also scared up some big birds that might have been Helmeted Guineafowl. Just as they flew up I managed to take a picture of them in flight.

Helmeted Guineafowl

The walk took a couple of hours, and brought us all the way up to the big cone one can see above Windhoek.

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