Shoot in RAW!

This is an example of how shooting in RAW can save a bad exposure. This shot is from Langedrag wildlife park ( The lynx moved from the sun to a shadow, and I didn’t think of compensating the exposure of the lynx for the sunlit background.

The raw file was developed with Bibble Pro 5. First I adjusted the exposure up 1.5 stops. Then saturation was boosted a bit to compensate for loss of colors due to the underexposure. I adjusted the curves to enhance the contrast. The last steps where to do a slight crop and flip the image horizontally.

I applied a signature in Gimp. Theres nothing worse than a good image ruined by a large ugly signature, so I keep it subtle.

For #BeforeAndAfterSaturday curated by +Raghav Sood

Gaupe (lynx)


Gaupe (lynx)




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