The Okapuka Lodge


Today we have been to the Okapuka lodge located about 30km north of Windhoek. We hired a minibus with driver to take us there. It’s popular place for both tourists and Namibians to go. We hadn’t made reservations but got lucky and there was room for us on a game drive.

On the ranch there is more than 20 different animals one can see. After just a short drive we saw both warthogs and springbok.


Sprinbok is one of the most common antelopes in the park. For lunch after the drive we had springbok-salad, and the meat was very good.


We also came close to some giraffes. The tallest animal on the planet. It’s heart is a massive 12 kilos so that it can pump the blood all the way up to the head. It cannot lie down, and sometimes they will rest their heads on a tree to sleep.


There is a lot of different antelopes in Namibia. We came across the Eland, that is the biggest of the antelopes. We also saw sable antelopes and another, which I don’t remember it’s name.

ElandRoan antelopeAntelope

The peak of the game drive was the white rhino. The vehicle stopped just 3 meters away from these big creatures!

White rhino

When traveling to Windhoek, the Okapuka lodge is a magnificent place to visit, and I think we might be going again if we find the time. Tomorrow a new week of internship at the hospital starts.

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