Taxi’s in Windhoek

Windhoek Taxi

To get around in the city of Windhoek the best way is to take a taxi. However, taking a taxi in Windhoek is a bit different from what we are used to in Europe. There is a lot of taxis. In fact the majority of cars driving in the streets of Windhoek are taxis. When you are walking or standing along the road they will honk the horn at you to ask if you want a ride. Just put up a hand and it stops to pick you up. Now it’s quite possible that there are other passengers in the car. If there is a free seat it will stop. Just tell the driver where you are going and he will drop you off nearby. Don’t expect them to know any street address, they don’t. Instead give the location of something nearby, like “close to polytechnic” or “BP station on Hosea Kutako”.

The best thing about this system is that it keeps the prices down. People getting in and out of the taxi all the time, and everybody pays a fixed rate of N$ 6.50. If you guide the taxi to drive you all the way to the front of the address you’re going, it’s customary to give a little tip and pay N$ 10 for the extra time and effort to navigate through small streets.

The cars is mostly old cars with tiny motors. Don’t expect any air condition, but rather an old mazda from the 1980s that sounds like it’s about to break down any minute.

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