Started my internship

I’ve now started my intership at Windhoek Central Hospital. Yesterday Luzanne showed me around the departments, and the staff there has been kind and helpful and showed me around today. I’ve tried developing X-ray films in the darkroom, which was a new experience for me. Apart from multiple exposures on the same film, it’s pretty much the same as working with computed radiography. The difference is that one needs to get the exposure parameters correct. No adjusting the image later. There is a digital fluoroscopy lab here as well, and a film printer.

 The department also have a 2 slice helical CT scanner, and I will see that in action tomorrow.  Overall the department seems very well organized. It’s not too different from a Norwegian radiology department, but there is some differences in who does what. Also there is no RIS or PACS, and the pape routines is obviously different from Norway.

I still don’t have internet access at Namas, but is crossing my fingers that it will become available tomorrow. Also I’ve noticed that my blog doesn’t render correctly in Internet Explorer 6. It will however render properly in any other browser I recomend Opera, Firefox, Safari, Konqueror or any other standard compliant browser to view the blog like it’s supposed to be.

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