Getting to know the city


The first days here in Windhoek has been great. After getting a good night sleep at NAMAS I went out to explore the city. I found Independence street, Zoo park and the Christus Church.

Later in the evening i got a call from Luise, who is a friend of my family. She is a sister at the catholic church. The next day she gave me a big welcome and took me for a guided tour around Windhoek.

Me and Luise

We went to the park around the parliament, just next to the Christus Church I had been to the day before. The park that surronds the parliament building is beautyful.It’s filled with flowers, trees, palms and green grass.

Me and the Christus Church

Theres also many small lizzards here, some with beautiful colors. The are quite shy, but if one moves real slow it’s possible to get fairly closeup picture of them.


In the afternoon I decided to take a trip to the Avis Dam. It’s located a little bit east of Windhoek city, and is a popular site for hiking, jogging, dogwalking and fishing.

There is a N$5 entrance fee, and the park has security guards that keeps the place safe. There’s a lot of birds in the park, and if your lucky you can also see small antelopes.

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