Green L Close-up +2 review

I already have a dedicated macro lens. A Canon 100mm F2.8, but I wanted to test close-up lenses on my Canon 70-200 F2.8 IS. The best option is with no doubt Canons own close-up lens 500D, but at $150 it’s a bit over my “just-for-fun” budget.

First I purchased a Fotga +3 close-up lens for $5. The combination with the 70-200 was so bad that cropping and interpolating is much better. (However, it performed much better together with my Tamron 17-50. Guess it’s better on shorter focal lengths )  Then I ordered a Green L close-up +2. At the pricetag of $7 I didn’t expect to much. This lens is as I understand it equivalent to the 500D in terms of magnification. To my suprise this combination also worked much better.

Tulip photographed with 70-200 F2.8 and Green L close-up +2
Tulip photographed with 70-200 F2.8 and Green L close-up +2


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A mouse

At first I thought it was a bird that sat in the topp of some plants. However it seemed to act strange, so I went closer to get a better look. To my suprise it wasn’t a bird, it was a mouse. A Wood Mouse (Apodemus sylvaticus). I didn’t have my dslr with me, but the ixus 860 can perform quite well too.

Mouse in a plant
Mouse in a plant


Vipera berus

Vipera berus, Norwegian common viper, common adder, hoggorm, huggorm

I’ve long been wanting to photograph the Norwegian viper (Vipera berus) and today I finally came upon one in the wild. Sitting still it circled around me several times, but it was not me it was interested in. There also was a female hiding in the grass. The other viper was more shy, so it was hard good photo of it. When I left the two snakes were snuggled up so I left them alone to reproduce.

Vipera berus, Norwegian common viper, common adder, hoggorm, huggorm
After twenty minutes it finally came up close.



Vipera berus, Norwegian common viper, common adder, hoggorm, huggorm, mating, parring
The viper is courting a female.

A mini review of Green L ND filters

Sometimes its desired to get long exposure time to blur everything moving or you need to get exposure time up to allow for use wider apertures in bright light. To control exposure one can use neutral density filter, or ND filters. They cost from a few bucks on eBay to more than $100. I wanted to play a little with ND filters to learn more about photography techniques. To start off I ordered a couple of Green L filter for less than $6 each from eBay. For that price I weren’t expecting the best quality.

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a white tailed eagle

Order plane tickets today for a vacation to Bodø this summer. Looking forward to a relaxing time and good photo opportunities. Here is the white tailed eagle from last time I was there. It’s truly a big bird!

White tailed eagle
A white tailed eagle grabbing a meal

My wallpaper entries for Precise Pangolin

Namibian sunrise

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Precise Pangolin is scheduled for release 26th of April.  I had an entry in the wallpaper submission group on Flicker, but my photos was not selected this time. Here are the two wallpapers I submitted.

When I were in Namibia in 2008 I took this photo of the sunrise while we were waiting for the gates to Sossusvlei to open. The sky was lit as on fire as the sun came up and the gates opened.

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