Bilingual blog!

It might be nice to write in English, so that the whole world can benefit from what I write, but it can also be nice to write in my native langauge – Norwegian. To write in both languages ​​may be messy, but luckily there’s a plugin called “Polylang” which I’am now trying out. It seems like it does the job. Now it’s easy to seperate languages, and it is easy for me to translate. Espeacially with a little neat plugin-plugin-helper called “Polyland Auto Translate”

Will this make me update the blog more often….who knows….

Samsung S3 mini battery X-rays

My original Samsung battery for my S3 mini died after just one year. I’ve had good experience with cheap batteries from eBay before, but the replacement I bought this time made my phone behave rather unstable. That’s why I thought I’d take an X-ray of them to see how different they where.

Samsung i8190 original battery.
Samsung i8190 original battery.

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New blog

Hello, and welcome to my new blog. I’ve been using joomla for a while, but it really was overkill for my needs. With wordpress I hope I will make better use of my website. Since last post to my joomla site was june 2006 updating my website will be one of my new years resolutins for 2008.