Another lichen wallpaper

From my house there is only a short walk to get into the woods. I love photos with lots of empty space and bokeh as my wallpaper. The lichen is a strange organism that has beauty of it’s own. Lichen is a symbiosis between algae and fungi. Read more about it on wikipedia:

Lichen wallpaper

Lichen wallpaper high resolution
High res: 2640x1760

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A mouse

At first I thought it was a bird that sat in the topp of some plants. However it seemed to act strange, so I went closer to get a better look. To my suprise it wasn’t a bird, it was a mouse. A Wood Mouse (Apodemus sylvaticus). I didn’t have my dslr with me, but the ixus 860 can perform quite well too.

Mouse in a plant
Mouse in a plant


Vipera berus

Vipera berus, Norwegian common viper, common adder, hoggorm, huggorm

I’ve long been wanting to photograph the Norwegian viper (Vipera berus) and today I finally came upon one in the wild. Sitting still it circled around me several times, but it was not me it was interested in. There also was a female hiding in the grass. The other viper was more shy, so it was hard good photo of it. When I left the two snakes were snuggled up so I left them alone to reproduce.

Vipera berus, Norwegian common viper, common adder, hoggorm, huggorm
After twenty minutes it finally came up close.



Vipera berus, Norwegian common viper, common adder, hoggorm, huggorm, mating, parring
The viper is courting a female.

a white tailed eagle

Order plane tickets today for a vacation to Bodø this summer. Looking forward to a relaxing time and good photo opportunities. Here is the white tailed eagle from last time I was there. It’s truly a big bird!

White tailed eagle
A white tailed eagle grabbing a meal

This was the very first digital photo


This was the very first digital picture I took back in 2000. I had just gotten my brand new and way too expensive Olympus Camedia 2020Z. With an F2.0 and ISO 400 and a staggering resolution of 1600×1200 this was cutting edge. After unboxing the camera I went straight outside to take a test shot, in the dark…

Thanks to +Lars Clausen for his post ( which got me to dig through my files to find this.