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Samsung S3 mini battery X-rays

My original Samsung battery in my S3 mini died after just one year. I’ve had good experience with cheap batteries from eBay before, but the replacement I bought this time made my phone behave rather unstable. That’s why I thought … Continue reading

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ASUS TF300T X-ray

In my series x-ra of stuff. This is a X-ray of my Asus TF300t and the keyboard dock.

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Replacing TF300T digitizer

My 2-year old recently broke the glass on my TF300T. The tablet is a couple of years old, so it’s a little bit on the expensive side to have it repaired by ASUS, so I decided to have a go … Continue reading

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Enkelt hjemmebakt brød uten elting!

Ingenting er så godt som hjemmebakt brød. Det blir ikke enklere enn denne oppskriften. Tar bare 5 minutter å lage deigen. Perfekt resultat hver gang.

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Runtastic disapointment

Edit: As of version 4.1.1 support for regular bluetooth HR sensors is back and works again! It’s usually a good thing when I pick up my phone and it has upgraded one of the apps to a new version. However … Continue reading

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Fixing the “visual editor not working” in wordpress.

My visual editor has not worked for sometime. Don’t exactly know from which update. It at least did not work in 3.5.1 and 3.5.2. Did some googleing and found several posts with many solution, but none of them worked for … Continue reading

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My latest gadget is a Nurvo Rockship 3066 Android TV. It essentially turns your TV into a big tablet. It’s very reasonably priced, and I got mine from Dustin. With a dualcore Cortex A9 at 1.6Ghz, 4Gb memory and 1Gb … Continue reading

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No more midnight sun

As always northern Norway has shown how beautiful it is. We had many days and nights with sun, but also some rainy days. When we left the sun had started just setting below the mountains, but it still doesn’t get … Continue reading

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Another lichen wallpaper

From my house there is only a short walk to get into the woods. I love photos with lots of empty space and bokeh as my wallpaper. The lichen is a strange organism that has beauty of it’s own. Lichen … Continue reading

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Green L Close-up +2 review

I already have a dedicated macro lens. A Canon 100mm F2.8, but I wanted to test close-up lenses on my Canon 70-200 F2.8 IS. The best option is with no doubt Canons own close-up lens 500D, but at $150 it’s … Continue reading

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